Rula Khoury Mansour

‘I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at Catalyst Live’ – Rula Khoury Mansour

“I believe the Palestinian Church can position itself as a powerful agent of peace and reconciliation.”

Conflict resolution specialist Rula Khoury Mansour recorded this message below just for you.

We think you’ll want to hear more from her, which you can do by coming along to Catalyst Live.

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We look forward to seeing you at Catalyst Live!

Professor David Bebbington

‘A fascinating character’ – David Bebbington reveals his topic for Catalyst Live

We’re really looking forward to hearing David Bebbington, Professor of History at the University of Stirling, talk at Catalyst Live.

In this clip recorded just for you, Professor Bebbington reveals his topic for Catalyst Live and what he’s looking forward to.


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A taste of our exclusive Catalyst Live interview with Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas has said things you might not agree with.

To hear the full exclusive video with this brilliant theologian, you’ll need to be at Catalyst Live.

For the time being, here’s a taste of what he told us in our interview with him.

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Canon Rosie Harper will be speaking at Catalyst Live 2018.

‘I know I’m on the naughty step about this one’

“I think it’s a wonderful thing, Catalyst Live,” says Canon Rosie Harper, a writer and activist on issues of justice and equality within, and beyond, the Church.

“I love the way it opens up discussions and that you’re not afraid of challenging subjects.”

In this video message recorded just for you, Rosie Harper reveals the topic she’ll be tackling at Catalyst Live.

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A special message from Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas will appear at Catalyst Live via an exclusive video interview to be screened only at our events in Birmingham and Bristol.

In this message recorded just for you, Professor Hauerwas explains why he can’t be there in person.

Wendy The Robot

Do androids dream of electric speakers?


Wendy the robot was a big hit at Catalyst Live 2016, and so was her friend, robotics professor Nigel Crook. In the spirit of getting former speakers and delegates to recommend the event, we visited Wendy and interrupted her fitness regime to ask her to make a promo video to give you reasons why you should buy your tickets now to Catalyst Live 2018, which will feature Stanley Hauerwas and Paula Gooder.

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Adrian Snell

The exile returns

Adrian Snell will be speaking at Catalyst Live 2018, on his fascinating and emotional work as a music therapist for special children in the UK and overseas. BMS Director of Communications Mark Craig spoke to Adrian recently for Baptist Times:

For a number of years in the 1980s, Adrian Snell was one of the brightest stars in the Christian music firmament. Which was always something of a disappointment to the man himself, as his music was never created for an exclusively Christian audience (*shudders*) and thoroughly deserved a wider listenership, which it only sometimes got. Indeed, Adrian resisted for years the inevitable pigeon-holing of his music as being ‘for Christians’; naturally, much of that unhelpful labelling is by Christians themselves, keen to claim him and his art as ‘ours’.


You can follow the rest of Mark’s interview with Adrian here

Catalyst Live 2016 in pictures: how then shall we live?

“How then shall we live?” That was the question posed by BMS World Mission General Director David Kerrigan, opening Catalyst Live 2016 in Birmingham and Reading this week. “Each generation needs to address the question,” he said in an introduction that took in Leslie Newbiggin, Francis Schaeffer and William Carey.

Catalyst Live 2016: 5 reasons to go

5 reasons to go to Catalyst Live 2016

The days, hours and minutes are counting down quickly to Catalyst Live 2016. The Birmingham event is completely sold out, but you can still get tickets for Reading on 17 November.

Why should you go? We asked two Baptist ministers, who previously have been to Catalyst Live in Reading, what they liked about it and why they are going again this year. Here’s what they said:

1. The speakers

Lucy Wright, minister at Worcester Park Baptist Church in Surrey, enjoyed the variety of speakers when she went to Catalyst Live in 2014.

“It was really helpful that there was a wide range of different speakers,” says Lucy. “It is a global-wide view rather than just people from the UK or the West. I don’t often have an opportunity to hear speakers from a global perspective.”

Find out more about who is speaking at Catalyst Live this year.

2. The format

At Catalyst Live, the talks are mostly 20 minutes long, something Nick Hudson, Minister Team Leader at Wokingham Baptist Church, particularly liked when he went in 2013.

“I enjoyed what seemed to me to be a unique format, which is lots of bitesize elements with different people contributing on a whole variety of different things,” he says.

3. The location

Lucy found the Concert Hall in Reading, where Catalyst Live is being held again this year, very convenient.

“The venue was very good because it was quite near the station,” she says. “It was a nice hall and a good space to be in.”


“I recommend going to Catalyst Live to have your thinking challenged, your perspective broadened and to hear voices that you wouldn’t hear otherwise speaking into your context.”
Nick Hudson


4. See friends and discuss issues

Lucy loved the opportunity to catch-up with friends at Catalyst Live and discuss the day with them.

“There were a lot of people that I knew there,” says Lucy.

“Through the breaks I was able to chat to people and see what they thought about the issues being raised.”

5. A place to think

Both Nick and Lucy enjoyed having a space to stretch their thinking, something they don’t often have in day to day ministry.

“The opportunity to engage the brain and do some thinking about theology is an opportunity that you don’t have in other places,” says Nick. “I appreciate BMS World Mission putting it on.”

“I would recommend Catalyst Live as it is an opportunity for a day to go away and think more deeply about other subjects that we don’t often have chance as ministers,” says Lucy.

So don’t delay any longer. Get your ticket for Catalyst Live in Reading today! Both Lucy and Nick will be there. Will you?

Catalyst Live 2016: 5 reasons to go

Catalyst Live: Birmingham event sold out

Were you were planning on coming to Catalyst Live in Birmingham on Wednesday 16 November but haven’t got a ticket yet? We are sorry to say that you will not be able to come as it is now completely sold out.

This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on seeing inspiring Christian speakers like Samuel Escobar, Shadia Qubti and Vinoth Ramachandra though. There are still some spaces at Catalyst Live in Reading on Thursday 17 November and we’d love to see you there. To avoid disappointment, order your ticket today.