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Catalyst Live 2016 in pictures: how then shall we live?

“How then shall we live?” That was the question posed by BMS World Mission General Director David Kerrigan, opening Catalyst Live 2016 in Birmingham and Reading this week. “Each generation needs to address the question,” he said in an introduction that took in Leslie Newbiggin, Francis Schaeffer and William Carey.

Catalyst Live: Birmingham event sold out

Were you were planning on coming to Catalyst Live in Birmingham on Wednesday 16 November but haven’t got a ticket yet? We are sorry to say that you will not be able to come as it is now completely sold out. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on seeing inspiring Christian speakers […]

Keeping hope and peace alive in the Holy Land

Being a peacemaker in Israel-Palestine is a daily personal battle for Catalyst Live 2016 speaker Shadia Qubti. In a month’s time Shadia Qubti will be in the UK speaking at Catalyst Live, but she is in her hometown of Nazareth when I talk to her. At sunset it will be Yom Kippur, the Day of […]

‘Evangelical fission’, anti-intellectualism in the Church and why Christian journalism matters: Mark Woods talks to Catalyst Live

Christian Today Contributing Editor Mark Woods talks to BMS about Christian journalism and hosting Catalyst Live. Is the UK Church engaged enough intellectually, or is there an anti-intellectual stream as one might see in the US? I think it’s quite dangerous to generalise about anti-intellectualism in the US Church, just because the US is such […]

Is anger a Christian virtue?

We often see anger as a sin, but is that always the case? As Christians, can our anger lead to good? Catalyst Live 2016 speaker Sam Wells says we should put reason before emotion when dealing with anger: Anger is a rational and emotional response to a perceived injustice and a desire for retribution, punishment, or at […]

Catalyst Live 2016: full speaker list confirmed

You know when you meet someone for the first time and have a captivating conversation with them? The kind of person you could listen to for hours? We’ve got 13 scintillating people just like that speaking at Catalyst Live 2016. And you are going to want to know every one of them. All have interesting […]

Catalyst Live is dangerous! – Mark Woods

You shouldn’t come to Catalyst Live – so says Mark Woods Consulting Editor and host of Catalyst Live 2016. Below, he explains his reasons. If you don’t feel like taking Mark’s advice, order your tickets now.

Don’t go to Catalyst Live warns Mark Ord

You shouldn’t go to Catalyst Live 2016 – that’s the view of Mark Ord, Co-director of BMS’ International Mission Centre. This is why:   If you don’t want to take Mark’s advice, order your tickets now.