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Catalyst Live is a TED-style event that aims to help Christians engage with challenging ideas, assisted by some of the brightest minds in the world. Hosted by BMS World MissionCatalyst Live is the live expression of Mission Catalyst magazine, a quarterly publication for Christian thought leaders.

Catalyst Live features a jam-packed programme of speakers on a broad variety of subjects with one underlying message: Christians need not fear ideas. From apologetics and science to theology, the arts and international politics, the stimulation and information you will experience at Catalyst Live will leave you better equipped for what we like to think of as ‘the mission of the mind’.

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Catalyst Live 2016 in pictures: how then shall we live?

“How then shall we live?” That was the question posed by BMS World Mission General Director David Kerrigan, opening Catalyst Live 2016 in Birmingham and Reading this week. “Each generation needs to address the question,” he said in an introduction that took in Leslie Newbiggin, Francis Schaeffer and William Carey.
Catalyst Live 2016: 5 reasons to go

5 reasons to go to Catalyst Live 2016

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Catalyst Live 2016: 5 reasons to go

Catalyst Live: Birmingham event sold out

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Catalyst Live 2016 speakers Shadia Qubti

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