We’re back!

Having become firmly established as BMS’ biennial event for thinkers and dreamers under our ongoing theme of ‘The Mission of the Mind’, we’re delighted to be able to confirm the return of Catalyst Live in 2018, which will once again bring together a fascinating line-up of theologians, artists, poets, scientists, musicians and probably more!

Confirmed dates for 2018 are Wednesday 7 November (in Birmingham) and Thursday 8 November (in Bristol, a new location for Catalyst Live).

And we’re thrilled to be able to confirm our first contributor, who’s been at the top of our ‘most wanted list’ for years.

Paula Gooder is a renowned New Testament theologian and is a terrific conference speaker. We’re so pleased that Paula will be with us on both dates.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to increase ticket prices from £29.95 to £29.99…

But only until 1 January 2018 – after that, it’ll be £32.50…

Tickets are available right now, click here: BirminghamBristol.

Thanks for your support.

Mark Craig
Director of Communications

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