How can Jesus be the only way to God? - Michelle Tepper

"Truth is not located in an idea, it's located in a person."

When we say that Jesus is the only way to God we don't realise the fear and objections we stir in people's hearts, says Michelle Tepper, itinerant speaker for RZIM Europe, as she speaks passionately at Catalyst Live. The claim that Christians are the only ones who know the way to God makes people think that Christianity is exclusive, Christians are arrogant and God is unjust.

"Sometimes we do come across as arrogant because we say we know we're right," says Tepper. But what actually makes Christianity unique is the fact that we could never find the truth on our own, God had to come to us. "We are sure of the meaning of life because the author of life has come to us and proven it." Formerly a student pastor in Oxford, Tepper knows that there are endless interpretations to every story. The only way to know what a story really means, she argues, is for the author of the story to come and say, this is what I meant - and that's what Jesus did.

Jesus is the only way to God. But, concludes Tepper, whilst we must cling to this truth, "we must also believe that there are as many ways to Jesus as there are people to come.

"We must reestablish the need for truth but then redefine that truth as a person."



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