Professor David Bebbington

‘A fascinating character’ - David Bebbington reveals his topic for Catalyst Live

We’re really looking forward to hearing David Bebbington, Professor…

A taste of our exclusive Catalyst Live interview with Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas has said things you might not agree with. To…
Canon Rosie Harper will be speaking at Catalyst Live 2018.

‘I know I’m on the naughty step about this one’

“I think it’s a wonderful thing, Catalyst Live,” says Canon…

A special message from Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas will appear at Catalyst Live via an exclusive…
Wendy The Robot

Do androids dream of electric speakers?

Wendy the robot was a big hit at Catalyst Live 2016, and so was her friend, robot
Adrian Snell

The exile returns

Adrian Snell will be speaking at Catalyst Live 2018, on his fascinating and emotional work as a music therapist for special children in the UK and overseas. BMS Director of Communications Mark Craig spoke to Adrian recently for Baptist Times.