Should Christians fear science and the New Atheism? – John Lennox

Christian apologist and mathematician John Lennox gave a riveting and entertaining talk on the logic of faith and the difference between the God of the Bible and the ‘God of doubt’ at Catalyst Live, hosted by BMS World Mission in Reading. “Modern scientists use God to explain the things that they don’t have answers for,” said Lennox. “So when the answer is found, this is used as an excuse to remove God.”

Lennox, as a scientist, has analysed his beliefs and found that faith in God is very logical. Faith is often defined as an irrational belief in the unknown, in this case the unseen Creator. This explanation forces thinkers to choose between God and science. This is where the two clash. “Just because you can’t prove something mathematically, doesn’t mean it isn’t logical.” Lennox challenged the audience to consider all the things we keep in our lives that cannot be proven but are still considered true. “Love cannot be scientifically proven but I know without a doubt that my wife loves me.”

“My main argument against atheism is not as a Christian but as a scientist,” said Lennox, referencing his intellectual encounters with Dawkins and other atheists. “Faith is an essential part of science because for a scientist to even attempt an experiment they have to believe and have faith that something will happen.”



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