The 2018 Catalyst Live lineup is now confirmed!

Well, the deals are done, the conversations have been had and the planes, trains and automobiles are being booked!

We are just thrilled to bits to be able to announce the full lineup for Catalyst Live 2018, packed full of some of the most fascinating thinkers, speakers and creative minds around.

You can find the full lineup here.

We’re so very pleased to be able to bring you two of the people we’ve been trying for years to get – Stanley Hauerwas and Paula Gooder. We hope you’ll buy your tickets soon, as you really don’t want to miss out on what Stanley and Paula will bring us, in the amazing freedom of a Catalyst Live event.

Of course, they’re only two of the dozen people who’ll create the Catalyst Live vibe for us, and we’re sure that amongst such a gifted bunch of people you’ll find someone you’d really want to be in the room to hear.

This is the fourth year of Catalyst Live events, and we have a most distinguished list of alumni, all of whose contributions you can find here.

We hope you’re as excited as us – thanks for your support!

Mark Craig
Director of Communications

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